made with the urine of one patient gave absolutely varying results.

that, on the one hand, unnecessary operations are avoided, and

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Muscles responding only to the longest discharges are in a

Various theories explanatory of the symptoms of paralysis agitans

Cologne, such as monoplegia and hemiplegia, meningitis, and especially hem-

months. In the case to which we allude the pregnancy ended much laler,

method of exhibiting salol as an intestinal antiseptic combined with

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The spleen is greatly enlarged, but preserves faithfully its

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disease. All four of these assumed essentials he easily disproves."

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the kidney, such as renal pain, hsematuria, casts, albumen ;

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Wht'n both testes are involved, it is rarely justifiable to remove

powers, and diminishing the probability of further intoxica-

various authors, but some are original. Diagnosis has evidently always

no indication of abnormality alone — they were strong and frequent

the right ventricle. The auricles were never affected.

should also be given internally. — The Lancet, 1899, p. 574.

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