2he had a severe diffuse bronchitis lasting several weeks. In the fall of 1893
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4Compiled from the Official Records on File in the State
5agents being streptococci and diplococci harbored in the tonsils. The child
7experiments repeated as detailed in the report entitled " Second Re-
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9can be obtained in rolls, 250 yards in length, and 33 in. or 70 in. in width,
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11and neither tenderness nor perisplenitis was present.
13method.— TA* Virginia Medical Semi-monthly, 1899, No. 23, p. 687.
15as this extended to below the anus. The incision was, however, carried
17needs care, for the total dose of X-rays administered must
18and action. Chloralamid decomposes in aqueous solutions above 140° F.
19cranial pressure is disproven by the many failures to find the sign in
20Castaigne, and to demonstrate the possibility of transmitting to a nursling
22fully on a large dog, verifying all that Van Hook had claimed for this
23immense labor which must be expended in editing a system of this sort,
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25but nothing was found, and the patient died of what was shown
26The child was with difficulty kept warm with the aid of wocl and artificial
27cannot help feeling that many pathological vascular states are
28similar symptoms, and also median obstruction, such as cysticercus of the
29inal wall, causing symptoms of incarceration. A differential diagnosis
30The method used was the common one of ascertaining the absence of fever
31on otorrhcea, and Kisch *^ on danger signals in suppuration of
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37duction of the Coolidge X-ray tube. This is on a principle
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43The morbid changes present in the organs in splenic