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4it had invaded the deeper structures and had passed anteriorly between the
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7sold as a general disinfectant, but as an "air purifier." Carbolic acid, 5
8definite symptoms calling for the use of digitalis, there is no
9much according to their etiology. Iti certain cases it is insidious ; there is
10modifications in type as compared with the disease of the preceding
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14importance of congenital or acquired power in the development of any hyper-
15regular but painful. There is no family or personal history of impor-
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18Hemorhages were never observed. As for the evidence of other pathological
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22alcohol, 18 minims ; distilled water, 8J ounces. Dosage of chloralamid varies
23meningitis may not be present, or may not constitute the main lesion ;
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26those of a rapid, infiltrating neoplasm of the anterior part of the base of the
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29The lymphatic glands may be affected in various ways in
30further pulmonary infarcts the patient died. Post-mortem
32refers to cases of drowning. Reference clearly wrong. Chapter IV'. has some
33She was unable to rise without assistance from the recumbent or sitting
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37should be applied and also the Leiter cold coil ; but the latter should not be
39ten hours, and two others at an interval of thirteen and sixteen hours
40preventative treatment should be directed to these factors.
41the nerve-tissues, and probably of muscle tissues, and that this degene-
43is strapped on over the wound. Chloroform should be given.