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to use after an ordinary enucleation. — Klin. Monattabliitter f. Augenheilk.,
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Flies swarmed over the infected fecal matter and then walked over the
Ba.stianelli and Bignami then conclude that in tertian fever there
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Tnis is an elementary treatise upon a branch of therapeutics and diag-
Serum Therapy, Vaccine Therapy, Chemotherapy and Serum Diagnosis,
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pus have been found close to the tube after the death of the patient. The
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* Aphor. XXII. Sea. 3. Charter. Tom. IX. p. 117. f ^^*
attacks of pain at a definite time between the menstrual periods — from twelve
the same subject. There is a wide-spread opinion that typhoid fever
marked. The patient is languid, anaemic, perhaps suffers from
Of the three cases reported two were in males and one in a female. In
gether. The nipple remained permanently retracted. Two years after