1water, immediately lofe their fluidity. yEgineta fays,
3of errors in the muscular apparatus of the eye. One must confess to
4bellum appears normal in size and shape, and on section no naked-eye
6Coming then to a consideration ot these cases in more
7none were observable. The next day there appeared on the face and
8trifling from first to last. The knee-jerks and wrist-jerks became exag-
9Case I. — A man, 73 years of age, when first seen, was complain-
10connection between the lid and the tissues above the brow. Wilder's
11upward beneath the skin to the point of exit of the first above the
12physical sign, and it was only on operation that a small duct
13for example, recognizes the mild and severe forms of the complete reac-
14Dr. Coutts's report* to the Local Government Board on this
15The Widal test gave a positive reaction on the tenth day of the diseatte.
16but approximated very closely to simple melancholia. It was
17recognized during life, because the degeneration does not materially influence
18Eserin was the only drug which I found would elevate both
20complicates so many systemic diseases is frequently amenable to empirical
2228. Baum. Centralblatt fUr Gynakologie, 1892, No. 17, p. 336.
24on the last. The fluid occurs in association with atrophic
25for many years to a drooping of the lid from any cause, and if these
26cells. The theory of Heidenhain, that the presence of leucocytes in giant-
27examining the vascular condition and estimating the blood-
28morning. A little swelling and redness of the skin over the right mastoid
31220 — the patient's normal pressure — was attained on the
32sions of about one minute's duration, at intervals of five minutes.
33teristic emaciation. The pus, frequently present in the sulci
34Resection may be preceded by colotomy, as in the case of Treves, and,
35showed that the tumor was so firmly adherent that it could not be pushed
36sounds are repeated in his hearing much oftener than others,
39in which the very dawn of knowledge regarding tuberculosis had begun