" surgical shock " I mean a condition brought about by exces-

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(London : The British Organotherapy Co., Ltd., Carlton House,

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In 1 9 10, 3,245 female patients were admitted to the London

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a few more fits followed, but the animal survived. In this experiment

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They included phthisis, acute peritonitis, pneumonia, carcinoma, typhoid,

Sander. Paralysis Agitans und Senilitat. Monatsschrift fUr Psychiatric und Neurologic, 1897.

cases like the present we have, perhaps, an example of practically

' A. C. Jordan : Internauonal Jour, of Surgery, 1914, XXVII., p. 106.

are not given. Patients are put to bed, each one having an attendant solely

I do not pretend to assert that the conditions I have

rhage, scorbutus, and miasmatic diseases. Galen described hypertrophy