sized, clavus-like elevations, most numerous beneath the metatarso-
bleed. A probe was inserted into it and passed down over the fibroid
pyocyaneus, mostly bullous, papular, and hemorrhagic. Our case is the
Presidents' Secret Wars: CIA and Pentagon Covert Operations
dix, omentum, caecum, small intestine, or iliac fossa, will be covered by
but without regard to the source of error. Strauss suggested that incarcera-
became prominent. The appetite was increased, but there was steady and
This accounts for the difference in the length of the intervals of the
been carried into the organs and lymph-nodes, where they have pro-
and anger frequently brought on the attacks. Three weeks before admission
treating of the praftice of bleeding in this difeafe, I
man." By 3 p.m. he was delirious, and his physician found a tempera-
thpre are many more cases of leprosy in the country than have been recorded.
mind. The pain followed the ingestion of food in 102 individuals. It
tions in women, such as salpingitis, oopharitis, and metritis.
was mistaken for scarlet fever. Save under the exceptional circum-
as deeply into the remaining tumor as was deemed safe, in different directions,
a marked tendency to haemorrhage, particularly from the
collection seen between 8} and 9 hours = ileal stasis -f-. A definite collection
symptoms ? Yet, generally speaking, he will be prepared to
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Allbutt classifies the rashes as petechial, erythematous.
rnperature of the enteric fever itself is still a pronounced one.
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satisfactory direct evidence to prove that it is always due to
isolated from the blood by culture during the first few days
the vertical line.* But one must remember that a single mark
failure to report this condition is quite excusable. Kraurosis, then, he
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