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changes: perivascular sclerosis, with an especial predilection for the
teaspoonful of emulsion contains one grain of hypophosphite,
Xanthin bases, 0.142 g. ' Ethereal sulphates, 0.139 g. SO,.
Tenderness. Tenderness has perhaps led to as many wrong diag-
not only fails to dilate, but may even diminish in size on
both thighs were hard and rigid. The patient could walk only with assistance,
Surgery, St. Vincent's Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, Temple Street Hospital
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exercise habits on risk of stress fracture and attrition
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vagus is involved in abdominal affections, sometimes by com-
chloroform narcosis the posterior vault of the vagina was widely opened,
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above procedure in a case of genuine idiopathic dilatation of the colon.
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