1Fibroma of the Nasal Orifice. — This unusual case, reported by Dr. Alex-
2and the next experiment was not begun until the body had recovered
42. For the purpose of filtration, urine was passed and then immedi-
6."•tudied after having been stained with Mallory's phospho-molybdic acid,
7Alimentarj' canal. Internal secretions of (W. Langdon Brown) - - 247
8thick pus, the spinal canal was washed out as well as possible
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11on careful tests that any impairment was discovered in these areas. The
12marked loss of weight. In addition to the symptoms mentioned, the patient
14Rashes After Enemata. — Mokro calls attention again to the not infre-
16culosis of the bronchial glands, and the well-known tendency of such
17was considerably dilated and invagination made easy. My own cases
18has been made merely to supplement the original article, adding what
19I have seen "ura^mic" manifestations in liver diseases
20Chickamauga, Knoxville, and Meade. Acting Assistant Surgeon Craig
22that you get a book called "SOG" by Major John Plaster and have a look at it. This group accomplished some
23regarding the seizures as corresponding to variations in the urinary
24intelligent and educated. Every effort is made, with the enfeebled will-power
25cases observed in children from one to thirteen years of age. Twenty-two
26In November, 1913, Dr. Fildes, of the London Hospital, found the
28Total acute operations, 331 ; mortality, 21.7 per cent.
29• RwKl before Medical Section, College of Ptiysiclans, May 8, 1899.
30centre, in the anterior part of the speech area, it will not be
31cases ; moreover, in 2 cases of sudden death from hsematemesis only a
32a firm determination to turn a deaf ear to their perverted
33Phillips recommend prophylaxis against the development of this disorder.
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35recipient replenishment of 2,3 DPG or ATP, and are cost-effective for widespread use.
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