2were written, though much has been added to our knowledge
3Behind Japanese Lines: An American Guerrilla in the
4she was aspirated nineteen times. In this six months many medicines
6The pancreas itself was enlarged to about three times its normal size,
7processes of metabolism in animals we have abundant proof
8of the vulva begins to take place. Discolored spots appear which are
10the poisoning the terminations of the motor nerves are not weakened or paral-
13and the varying occurrence of certain changes in heart-action and pulse-
15introduced is known. 3. Rapidity with which the effect of the drug is pro-
16injuring the patient. In a certain number of cases I am confident that
17nation, which included testing all the cranial nerves, led to
19During or preceding attacks she had no unusual desire to pass urine,
20Experiment 1. — A dog, weighing 22 kg., after having fasted for
21anatomy of the disease. In all there was dilatation of more or less of
22sion, and bronchial breath-sounds accompanied by diffuse crepitations were
231. Marked shortness of breath on exertion, not due to
24nosis between appendicitis and salpingitis, and reminds us that both
25pended on the inabdity of the kidneys to excrete various
26The liver was normal in appearance and weighed 165 grammes.
28tary muscles and to various glands. The paths uniting the
29severity of the attack — from the beginning up to and through the
30diagnosis of typhoid fever. In the division hospital at Camp Alger we
3219 cases of splenectomy are reported, the results of operation
33The cylinders are from 5// to 30/i (mikrons) in width, and are commonest in
34pain in a child, whicn has been diagnosed as "congested liver,"
36foundation." Regarding diabetes mellitus, they speak of the waters of
37observation, and attempts made to isolate the meningococcus