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No. 25. — Diarrhoea, August 8th and 9th ; diarrhoea, August 13th

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> Read before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, May 16, 189S. Biston Med. and

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Vulpian. {Oasdte da HdpUnux, 1877, No. 75.) Case of dilatation, with

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Strumpell * describes a case which has been quoted by nearly all who

Pressure symptoms were at once relieved. After four months' observation

Strumpell. Zur Kentniss der Anemia Splenica. Archlv der Heilkunde, 1875.

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use of this remedy in the treatment of puerperal septicaemia, septic cellulitis,

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The Surgical Treatment of Ascites. — Experiments upon animals and

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