22 into the lungs, 2 into the left bronchus, 1 into the anterior medias-
5very small. With regard to the second possible origin,
6were abundant signs of disease in all three lobes of the right lung. I
7cern. The average practising physician will probably not be called
8of solution. A very large number of the cases reported occurred secon-
9them on with some alacrity. His woebegone appearance, and his apparent
10The main cause lies in the violent contraction of the heart-muscle, as frag-
11antrum is opened, and the prominent anterior angle, and the
12cephalic vein was opened during an attack the flow of blood was so
13portions of the levator ani were carried on either side of the rectum, and
14Kernig sign. When comatose Keniig's sign present. Died in coma on
15of these mosquitoes which had infected the man with a tertian fever
17would refer to Comte's series of 65 operations for perforation, with 19
18hive no evidence that the foetus secretes urine regularly and discharges it
19tive case is that of a boy of four and a half years, who was constipated
20laxative and simple sedatives is indicated in the so-called functional neuroses, vev
21patient is either dead or permanently damaged. Flexner's
22of injury due to the loss of binocular vision are rare, whilst
24and jKJst -mortem demonstration. We wish more emphasis had been laid
25teen months ; one case, from fifteen to eighteen months ; three cases, for six
26while the regiment was all together, typhoid fever appeared, and its
27esting to note that in chronic nephritis infarcts are present in the placenta
28muscles are over-stretched. He has shown that, even in
30though the presence of generalized skin troubles in kidney disease is
31with her nourishment that she became so weak as to be unable to walk.
32expression to a thought uppermost in the mind (tic de pens^e). Im-
33uric acid and phosphatic MHlimcnts as w*-ll as other pnKliutsdifTicuit of eliiniiuition,
34It might well be expected in a condition in which there is a con
35Albuminuria lessens the development of the foetus and makes its weight
36Lecco {Semaine Medicate, 1897, No. 24), observed like beneficial effects in a
37the whole the sounder ; as he says, to operate in every case