expressed himself as quite comfortable, except for a slight cough.

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etc., August, 1899) reports this case in a man, thirty-two years of age, who

How often should one repeat the lavage before resorting

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many of us never see in practice', namely, puerperal septicaemia.

toms of collapse soon follow. There may be some tenderness or

staltic wave. If in doubt whether or not the ureters have been ligated,

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teen out of sixty-six cases examined. Nine of these cases were treated with

3. The course of the capsular arteries dividing between the anterior and

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School Hygiene and Deaf-mutism is represented chiefly by

Stenosis of the Larynx. — In recurring laryngeal stenosis after intubation,

which requires eight weeks for its development is no longer a miliary

tion of the new SOF manual, serves on the USSOCOM Medical Curriculum and

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(1859) descriptions are given of two operations performed by Bowman"

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and generally at the end of the fever. He thinks that the primary factor in

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