1ing at the ileo-cascal junction ; he found the ileo-ciecal valve
3> Paper presented to the Aasociation of American Pbjrsicians at its May meeting, 1899.
6will be seen, then, that judging from the character of the spasms that in
7there Ytan a large tumor, which extended from the larynx down to the
8after the paralysis had disappeared, it was found that the muscles
9the diagnosis of sarcoma of the orbit and lids has been based on careful
10Brown, U.S. Surgeon General VADM Rich Carmona, and Navy Surgeon General VADM Don Arthur for mak-
11The Iodine Reaction in Leucocytes in Puerperal Septic Infection.— In
13system, than an acute cardiac dilatation. In this belief I am supported
14most, however, that lesions in the frontal section of this
15For instance, the condition so well-known twenty-five
16scribed as " serpiginous vascular degeneration of the nymphie." But it
17recorded, but this table would lead us to suppose that it often existed,
18tumors are by no means of uniform significance. They vary not only
19The average urinary nitrogen, over 30 g., is an index of the excess of
21ter have nothing to do with the ansesthetic. The central paralysis due to
22continue his way, but in an uncomfortable frame of mind ; if, however,
23Involvement of the testicle by the pain is a little more frequent in neph-
24the abdomen opened, and the uterus opened by transverse incision of the
25process most frequently caused by the meningococcus.
27frequently in adults and the middle-aged of both sexes ; it is,
28ysis agitans) the protoplasmic prolongations of the cortical nerve-cells
29of a small quantity sent to this laboratory showed a few beaded bacilli.
30to the globus major. The vas should be cut above the level
31intermittent attacks of diarrhoea. Under observation. Great distention, girth
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37is from the very grave cases, which alone have been mostly published,