1Of the thirty-three operations reported in the table, seven led to re-
2are added, the flask being constantl)' shaken. An absolutely
4trifle lower than normal in the back. I have noted, however, for
5free surface of the epidermis, and so closely adherent to the stratum
6soon after the first attack she noticed that certain bodily movements,
7rally devoted himself more to the technique of the subject than to the
8ray obser\-ations, together with the histories of a few cases
10istic signs. Ten days after the infiltration of the left lower lobe was first
11gastric juice, and injections of thiosinamin or its derivative
13good, backward movement fair. No deformity. No tenderness, but she
14the fact, that a man is as old as his arteries, always conveys to
15but of the fact that the left hemisphere leads the right there
19as the result of over-work, but which develops slowly, remains long, and
20including milk, broth, and jelly, had been taken without any sign of
21the flexors or the removal of inhibition from the extensor centres actu-
22injection of adrenalin, pituitrin, or any drug whatever.
23Splenomegalia with Cirrhosia of the Liver. Banti' describes a condition
25a short flight of steps, but, as far as can be ascertained, sustained no
261 Schmans. Muncbener med. Wocbenschriil, Jannuy 17, 1899, No. 3. Tbe more exteutre
27in the last patient no autopsy was obtained. These facts are suggestive
28jxUh. Atiat., Hand x. Nos. 11 and 12. The clinical record of this case is
31meninges, the other certainly some local meningitis, with numerous
33' ifgans of the chest and abdomen were negative. The signs on the part of
36blotches exceeded the clear skin ; the neck was scarcely rigid,
37may alter the heart's axis so as to cause kinking of the great
38it may occur in the aged. Aside from this author I have not found
39Post-mortem examination was made by Dr. Onuf, who carefully pre-
41ditions are vaso-dilator drugs, and the author considers the
43primary vascular lesion, but that the observer, having found a tubercle
45closely simulate in their characteristics those of phantom tumor, and in
46very impressive. The 900-bed hospital is one of the