epidermis, are found, which usually jienetrate the corium, and are often
We think that the great rarity of true malaria and the readiness with
unsuccessful operations performed by several (sic) surgeons
In this new preparation, the crystalline "Wander" malt extract is com-
given in doses of i to 2 drachms four times a day. This prevents constipa-
cases are frequently typical clinical specimens of chronic
decision, that achylia gastrica is a misnomer for most of these cases, and that
customs of the people such as early marriage, intermarriage
treatment is necessary, the attack being not only cut short,
Preventive treatment of r;itarrhal deafness .... §04
footwear. Food should not be of the heavy variety, and
final incision Van Fleet makes in the brow, and the skin only of the
fail entirely only a few hours later. This is usually when the
the silver sulphide filtered off. The filtrate, which contains the uric
grayish and somewhat red, and firm in consistency. On section they
all idea of hospital treatment, so that she is practically ccnfined to the
formation of thrombosin from fibrinogen in the conversion of the latter
the belief that the repeated attacks of her earlier life have in some way
hemorrhages. Finally, it is recommended in those cases which resist
may become enormous. Upon examination of the abdomen it is
sort of control of himself for some hours. He then became rapidly better,
have diftinguifhed thefe famous pericop^^s^ that the
which was elongated and distended, the vertical limb
Morphology lesions II — Chancre: button-like firm papule that develops into painless erosion and then ulcer
Rolleston (The Practitioner, April, 19 14) doubts if any
and scores of other symptoms are not pathognomonic, but rightly deserve
devoted. In the addenda a description is given of a Crooke's tube,
III au epidemic in Copenhagen in 1891 Friis' found the sign in
eral health, and of robust physique, suddenly experienced a feeling of ten-
metrical and chiefly in the long bones ; the latter are thick, short, hard, and
not incur a stress fracture during training and they
disease, the difference in their symptoms and signs are
opportunity of observing fully enough the effect of treating
is conveyed directly from person to person, most often by
condition, for which he was actively treated by purgation, venesection,
not a very probable explanation, for the disease does not