' "Researches on Typhus Fever." American Jour.nal of thk Mkdical Scibncks, January,

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Operation: February 22, 1898, in the presence of the doctors from

Urinary surgew. Recent work in (J. W. Thomson-Walker) - - - 752

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and attributes it to vasomotor paresis of the splanchnic area.

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In spite of the benign character of ovarian fibroma, the writer urges the

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Morphology lesions II — Chancre: button-like firm papule that develops into painless erosion and then ulcer

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and heat was somewhat diminished in this trunk girdle, less so in the foot.

and chronic uraemia, as opposed to latent uraemia ; the former

a pure culture of extremely virulent colon bacillus. In man,

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Hebrard (Gazette des Hopitaux, August 2, 19 13) remarks on

of no greater assistance to the busy practitioner who has a puzzling case

it may again be a question how it happens that peritonitis can occur

I^ube* met with this symptom in 46 per cent, of 556 cases. The term

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increased, indeed, somewhat by endocardial inflammation. In children

the diseased lung into the oesophageal carcinoma by way of the lymph

tuberculous process acts as the predisposing cause in a manner similar

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