All the subjects dealt with are so excellent, that it is difficult to award
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this study, stress fractures and stress reactions were
ally occur. Vomiting seems to be about the same as after ether. — Phila-
that, perhaps, we may not be speaking of exactly the same conditions ;
Senior Surgeon, Poplar Hospital; Assistant Surgeon, London Hospital, etc.
tary muscles and to various glands. The paths uniting the
the formaldehyde reaction in the urine is fully developed.
showed free HCl. Lactic acid also was present. When the rectal tube
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One must assume that the pain in the neighborhood of the groin was
escape. The hindrance to this is usually the congestion and
of the large flat masses of inflammatory exudation met with in Pott's dis-
ulcerative lesions the soles of both feet were the seat of a marked kera-
proved to be made up of increased connective tissue. In my case there
vomiting, followed on the succeeding day by fever, chills, loss of power in
seems to me, provides a warning not to expect too much from
pelvis and overlain by free coils of intestine. Operation through
more shallow. Strychnine, one-fortieth of a grain, was given, with
teen of these cases were complete spontaneous abortion. Two hundred and
colleague. Dr. F. B. Harrington, of Boston, for the notes of such a case.
further, the limits of the perverted digestion, and accurately
that, perhaps, we may not be speaking of exactly the same conditions ;
meninges (Solmon, Martine, Rhode, Marcovitch and Andrews,
thickness (Fig. 6) ; the numerous neuroglia septa which are connected
also sometimes found, and also the changes in the cells of the anterior horns.
increases the excitability of the reflex collaterals that the voluntary
action, diarrhoea or loose motions will supervene, and the blood-
two of the cases, the cancers were not in close relationship
tion. If any other inference were drawn it would be that the tempera-
body, lead me to exclude it. We have, further, the minor point that
Barlow and Beckton find that if minute quantities of
corpuscles. Some were found undergoing diapedesis. No extensive