restore the disorder at any given point, and bring back the

than to remove the cause. There can and must be no half

stating that if it were not for the noises in the head they

time had been given to cause it to develop its activity. With this in

a fourth of the cells of the anterior comua are so degenerated that they

efficacy of the serum. Consequently, when a doctor sees a

fanguineous^ pituttous^ atrabilious^ and bilious^ he adds

clinical and pathological features of the disease, however, establish the

complete, but the first symptoms, Stellwag's, we looked up were wrongly

tions in the blood. Whether other factors, aside from complication?,

production of ordinary urticaria, which we constantly see arising from

or when the blood holding facility itself is destroyed.

I. Country. — The open-air treatment has been so success-

of Dr. Kirkbride as having been Superintendent of the Philadelphia

Liver. The liver is nearly always considerably enlarged ; its surface

this change is " that the}' have at certain times to convey the

It was attended with moderate fever, which lasted for nearly two weeks,

that the sound met with resistance at different distances (this being dependent

affected the heart so far as auscultation or percussion may reveal. I

as due to an infection, and proceeds to cleanse and disinfect the nasal

He believes that masturbation is one of the most frequent causes.

maintained on the one hand by the conjunctival flap, which

used, w^ith strict antiseptic precautions, and no local or general disturb-

and it has been the purpose of these researches, whose partial results are

dissolves in about two hours and a half, when the bag must be refilled

pseudobutyl alcohol, or acetone chloroform, which in the past has not been

the difficulty, there is the danger already mentioned, that

tongue,' and "chronic enlargement of the tonsils," respectively.

although the separation was not made completely to the margin of the pelvis,

6. Heitzman. Kraurosis of the Vulva. Breisky, Trans. Amer. Derm. Association, Berlin,

Leaving radiology, I come to electro-therapeutics. Elec-

instance was the degree of fatty degeneration at all comparable with that

puddles. These larvae take about a week to mature in the water.

The main cause lies in the violent contraction of the heart-muscle, as frag-

(d) Minute oscillations on the electrocardiographic record,

18. Crisp. Trans. Path. Soc. Lond., 1871, vol. xxii. p. 106.