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sterile throughout. In a few cases the cocci were present for a few days
X-rays in the diagnosis of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.
in the posterior limbs. These symptoms are due to lesions
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contain the encapsulated forms of the tertian type.
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the fact, that a man is as old as his arteries, always conveys to
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These cases present a most striking analogy to splenic leuka'mia, the
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First, the disease-producing bacteria should exert no other effect than
from the cachexia of carcinoma, tuberculosis, or any other profound dis-
times only with hot water bags, mustard plasters, and hypodermatics of
mother of the patient began to have periodic paralyses when fourteen
hyoid bone, of the larynx, and, lastly, of the extremities, this variety
In the other case, that of a woman aged sixty-three years, the tumors
These two cases, especially the second, go to prove that infants may con-
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Airborne Special Forces Group, the 10th, in Germany