borization in part in the optic thalamus, (c) Third neuron: Ganglion cells

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disease one ma}' forget all or a greater or less number of words. Such a pa-

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referred to primary inflammatory changes of a particular peripheral nerve.

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101. General Zoology.— Winter, 10:00-12:00; 1:30-3:30. Conference: W., Emer-

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question, which is often of such practical importance, how far such neuras-

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must give thirty days' written notice to the Secretary ; the fee must be

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hospital practice required by the Universities, or for the above-named

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disease from this point, and says that he was quite suddenly broken down by

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however, no hint as to whether the motor regions involved are those located

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follicles (M. von Frey). In the parts of the skin not supplied with hairs,

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study and practice of medicine. Among these is ability to devote full time and energy

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types ami grades of natural, cheeses permitted la the production of processed cheese

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trigeminus, we guard the eye as far as possible from the development of a

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wifery Clinic, Ophthalmic Pathology, General Psychology, Electric

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reticularis, the blood supply of which is probably derived from the posterior

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1 . Two «a4or probldM that cwitrlltett to losses in procKtce are

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After the termination of each examination in the practical as weE as

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cures). Certain external physical measures which stimulate metabolism may

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corresponding center were itself destroyed. This explains why circumscribed

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manganate. Also subcutaneous use of hydrogen peroxid in two-per-cent to

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been so long practiced as to be sure and steady. The learning of a new

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the fourth Saturday of the Winter and Summer quarters. Its scope is covered by

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already been mentioned as one result of general compression of the brain in

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while the milder forms may last ten to twenty years, or even longer. The

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•of Bahia. The curriculum is of six years' duration. The final examina-

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muscular twitchings are very marked, so that, on very superficial observation,

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basis by American physicians (Senn and others), and then received theoret-

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage rests on the sudden

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paid in instalments, the fees are £40 on entrance, £35 at the

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lent masses into the canal, the consequences of pressure on the spinal cord