In the Cavendish lecture for 1899, Osler speaks of epidemic cerebro-spinal
No. 22. — Diarrhoea, September 14th to 16th; continued fever, Sep-
curable affections recovered more rapidly under the application of elec-
gresses until they all die, one after the other, and the patient himself
emaciation. Careful peicussion showed very large dull areas,
the last two years ; 2 of these recovered ; there were also 3 other cases
if the blood removed from the a6tion of the veffels,
commenced. Four needles were passed from the positive and negative poles
Murmurs, if existing, must be investigated with great care,
soft parts at the junction of the ala nasi with the upper lip,
are utterly neglected such a system is worse than useless.
ed by the rheumatifm on the joints, efpecially if the
8« years. Abdomen greatly swollen, and a tumor felt floating In efl\ision and moored to the
symptoms — viz., vomiting, increased action of the bowels, and profound pros-
with vomiting, or nausea, sweating, or by a general sense of illness, with
Resuscitation of severe chest trauma with four different
or a permanent phenomenon, it may occur in youth, middle
eyelids against resbtance, occurred in forty-two of his series of cases ;
tary manuals and doctrine for another article on that
Our present consumption of domestic waters now amounts to about
6 within forty-eight hours, and 4 at an interval exceeding forty-eight
the kidneys in the insane than in other diseases, or even in healthy individuals.
" Temperature," the only reference given is relapsing fever, surely in many
Mines.' The cannula is tied into the inferior vena cava below
it to increase the purin bodies in the urine. In order to eliminate the
tion, but this is not very severe, unless he overexerts himself, and at times
tality which they give he regards as almost valueless, because the bacte-
One feature alone is left for explanation the extensor