terest to the profession. With the approval of the Surgeon-General
Thts handsome volume, appropriately dedicated to Mr. Stiles, forms a
neck became more ^tiff. Ten days later she had an itching erythematous
Case II. — Operator, P6an ; date, 1876. Female, aged twenty-four
takes possession of the patient. In severe cases, this is always
entire illness, running between 84 to 100 — mostly 90 to 96. Notwithstand-
. Hage of large amount of gas relieved the distention. Died suddenly while
body before the attempt is made to extend the leg. Not infrequently
and position a diagnosis of dermoid cyst was made, and careful examination
tion, but it seems to me now more probable that the pain was a referred
no evidence of rupture of ligaments or displacement of any
Conduct of the Partisan War in the Revolutionary War South
(Fig. 2.) A perfectly limpid, clear, thin, transparent, light yellow fluid
became thick and bloody again. He found upon examination a slight mov-
(four of eight) versus 88% for the HBOC group (seven of eight). All animals survived the initial eight hours.
very rare. He considers chlorosis a probable factor from
not yet discovered the pathological anatomy. It does not follow that we shall not do so. or that
Hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is considered by Osier,* Hemmeter,* and
attacks of " cold " result. This is further predisposed to by
ture of the aneurismal sac, from the pressure of the sac upon important
In the end, however, the cure was definite and remains after
douched once, or, if necessary, twice a day, and every three or
4. The menopausal symptoms which follow the amenor-
present practically in all cases. The headache which has been
when we realize that each of these may be increased or decreased inde-
American Journal of Roentgenology 1998; 170(4): 863-7.
the blood-supply or preventing the ingress of toxic products.