slow and so small that we could hardly secure the six ounces we wanted.

should be insisted on. Perchloride of iron, acetate of ammonia, and brandy

the profound alterations in the blood and general nutrition which

Brachial Plexus.— Kolleston enumerates the cardinal signs of the morbid ^

haemorrhage, owing to loss of support to degenerate blood-

augmentation of the beat, and improves the bundle con-

Pearce GoiLD, M.A., M.Ch. Oxon., F.R.C.S. 4th Edition. Pp. 723

tom appears. Considered in detail from their inception to the full

The onset is not so sudden in typhus, and the rash is dis-

from which the retractive efforts of the short cord could no longer dis-

motion on musculoskeletal overuse injuries. American

prepared at the Pennsylvania Hospital by Dr. Thomas S. Kirkbride,

1. The " Nauheim " treatment can be given in England,

above anus. No stricture; thickening of muscular coat of large intestine;

ney, the openings carefully closed, and the patient instructed to lie on

18th. Patient allowed to be up out of bed. Temperature the same.

cavity. That this represents the actual state of affairs, con-

said there was sufficient stimulation in the attacks already, and that

far as the records show, had no typhoid fever until June 20. The

there was much loss in weight. After five days to two months the

hospital with the most alarming symptoms, two being wildly

wall were discharged. Bacteriological examination of the pus showed the

memor)'-associative regions will disarrange the functions of

diminished, and the spine is literally stretched. This is true of the whole

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reputation, is unnecessary. We would, however, especialh note the excel-

In the third period, 1854 to 1874, Germany, Sweden, and

India, past and present, and see if they can help us to under-

this disease, and that these leucolysins dissolve and disintegrate

the hand, but he cannot write. The term now used for

Prophylaxis for HIV in the SOF Environment (combined) for a maximum of 1.0 category 1 credit, and 1.2

the unguentum Cred4. Through this means a general systemic effect is pro-

be lost sight of— the general routine of nutritious food, tonic