one apparent cure for some months, but the syringing had to be resumed,

On these grounds, therefore, inoculation treatment was

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At autopsy, in addition to a pyocyaneus bronchopneumonia, there were red

Hardwicke, L. C. V. : Mastoiditis (case with comments) - - - 888

not be separated at first. It was punctured by a trocar and canula, and a

ably much the more common. With this definition in mind we can un-

mitted, it would be possible to mention numerous other factors

Schopf,' who performed the first operation by this method on June

history of injury preceding the appearance of the tumour.

alkalies or chalk carbonate to counteract the hyperacidity of gastric juice

infection of the ductus thoracicus is elaborately set forth. Here the

It was directed that he should be kept in bed, and should practise

In writing, the stimulus from the " ideational centre " passes

catalogue issued by the same firm, with much other matter

at that level but to that of a nerve-root given off one or two segments

16. Package Insert Lexiva (fosampenavir calcium), Glaxo Smith

in one case the portion of the body covered by the blotches

not float head downward, as is the case with the culex, but float flat

a special clinic for their accurate peiformance. Tlie de;cription of the

superior vena cava. The cause of stasis in this case was the metastases of

eclampsia in 1902 numbered onlj- 97, but in 191 2 they num-

was into the ])ericardium. Thus out of 37 cases 24 ruptured into this

metastases from cells set free at the time of the operation.

accom[)anied by the subjective symptoms of itching and burning." Such

cund, page 1 15, u6» i( Chap. V. fe6t» 6. page 774^

from hemorrhage alone, while only two of the 157 females, or 1.27 per

to the scapular line posteriorly. (Fig. 1.) These boundaries are con-

alteration of the cord was intense, and lie believes that we cannot ex-

noted range from marked deflections to small spurs. Many

institute in their place frequent doses of podophillin, ipecac, soda, and