we may, death surely occurs before adult life is attained. In the his-
a noteworthy fact that the age, from thirty-five to forty-five, was one which
possibility in such cases of insuring with reasonable certainty
eighteen years, with hemorrhage ; the other a man, aged forty-eight.
destruction of the locus niger. His theory is based almost exclusively
F. — Dependent upon a Transposition of the Site of the Origin
in bed for four weeks with a gonorrheal arthritis of one knee. During
ium is sometimes present. A severe case usually terminates at the end
there was cessation of pain and discharge, and neurasthenic
of the previous two days. Upon admission to the hospital the man
1 Cabot. Cllu. Exam, of Blood. Wm. Wood & Co., 1897.
heiirt action following overdoses of thyroid extract. Oxidation, which is so
cortical layer of epithelium, which advanced even to the stage of necrosis ;
in the case of some of our most important food-stuffs —
8. Stevenson. Chatham Mus. Catalogue, p. 33. Cited by Crisp.
the formation of sporozoids. These sporozoids collect in the salivary
clearly, therefore, contradicts the view that has been held by some that
opinion it should be interpreted as a cross-section through the extremity
becomes clogged, and the more easily, no doubt, on account of intersti-
previously the patient seldom had nose-bleed. The feet and ankles
tion was made. When this was done the tumor was found above and to the
chai'itder Organiimcn ; Crntralbfatf fiir Gynakologie, 1899, No. 23), in experi-
several circumscribed indurations, which were in part broken down and
And the Vitah'zing Constituent — Phosphorus; the whole
arsenic — composition not being given — is greatly lauded. — The New York
toxaemias of lower parts of the alimentary tract." Then follows a more
The alarming suddenness of the onset and the widespread
he explained thofe Aphorifms 5 and thefe few indeed
Michigan, formerly Thompson Fellow in the University of Aberdeen, and
the exception of one case, in which two hundred grains were used, sixty
filled with the silver solution, the needle remaining in situ. A diffuse swell
It is best given in doses of from 2 to 5 grains, beginning with