the Sylvian artery and its branches) involving both frontal
twenty-seven cases in infants and very young children. His cases
happens to pass through the bullet, greater or less distortion
treatment, and which is producing progressive emaciation.
which is so widely scattered, is generally supposed to be due to the
matured to a full set of emergency surgical equipment
PItarmacopceia of the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, Xose, and Ear
fore operating. In urotropine we have an excellent agent for correcting
came from the beneficial effects secured by the administration of antitoxin in
rary expedient to relieve the patient from immediate peril and to permit
the hemorrhage. It is possible, however, for a sudden occlusion of an
water, but soluble in diluted acids, and therefore in the gastric juice. It
spinal cord symptoms continued to progress, until at the end of about nine
carry on the process of caries ; but as compared with the
which presented " some of the symptoms of abasia, but which is not
Graham-Stewart, A.: Hyperpiesis and arterio-sclcrosis . - - 551
remember, therefore, that one of the first requisites in the treatment
globus minor is atrophied, and there is a small cyst of the
patient's body. Within are incandescent lamps and reflectors. The patient
follicle were common both during starvation and during the subsequent pro-
except at one side, through which these cells have burst and grown out
tion of general weakness followed. Vomiting occurred about
toxic action of alcohols increased the higher in the series
— Inpatient Departments (ER, Medical, and Surgical):
minutes has been caused b)' perfusion with 5 per cent,
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of the skin occurs. Small foci of suppuration are found distributed through-
grade of meningococcus infection. As there is no possible
lower jaw. The apparatus is fixed to the teeth and worn with
Bevere attack of angina, the patient, a child, developed a temperature of
lungs. In the evening the temperature again went up, reaching 41°. From
culation was established without sufficient disorder to the general circu-
liquor trs'psinae co. is used.) This is allowed to act for
practical point of view the subject has received its greatest impetus by