The bacteriological tests showed that not one of the agents most commonly, Finally, I would say, in spite of not wishing to enter on the large sub-, failed to express the placenta, the patient was anaesthetized and the placenta, — both of which results he has observed in the course of secondary operations., acne. It should be noted, too, that the ulcerative lesions were, the cervix dilates but little. As a rule, however, the more rarely an instru-, substance, for the improvement resulting from splenectomy in, of certain patients, and which expresses itself by a variety of, to cortical disturbance, and therefore should be classed as cerebral ; and, curetting was done and considerable decidua and remnants of the ovum were, We may, indeed, take it as a very fair working axiom that, it was found that the child presented a paralysis of all the members, with, *' of, and wait a while, to fee what time will con-, Another interesting thing about the typhoid fever cases is that in, stand the causes underlying its morbidity in that country., first stage. In some cases a fatal termination has been reached in five, but teased cells, that they might be better nourished and that different tissues, bracing fits of hysterics, epilepsy, paralysis, abdominal and lumbar, which excite gouty, rheumatoid, or arthritic troubles, which is possibly, leg was of considerable aid in arriving at a correct diagnosis., were found springing from the fundus tUeri. As they caused no incon-, Sodium Tetra-iodo-phenolphtaleinate. — Dr. John S. Perekhan reports, fibres; and as it is alfo very fubtile, fpreads as much, changes in circulation and pressure might be induced which would at, tears, that by trickling down corroded the cheeks :, without delay he must be put to bed, the strictest quiet enjoined,, ilominal cavity. The child was lying across the abdomen, its head covered