ed two complicated medical or surgical inpatient cases
mistake. We will not eradicate this disease from our camps unless we
Or course, such errors render the book to a large extent unfit for
With our present knowledge it is possible to explain the post-operative
twenty-four hours the bowels moved nine times; the stools ^ere liquid,
edge of the incision was covered by a running stitch of No. 1 catgut,
and cancer is rare, it is found more frecpiently in the skin than elsewhere.
This depends on the severity of the case, the virulence of
of flatus. Latterly slight pain. Stools scybalous; later semi-solid; two
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stenosis, and it can be as quickly done as stitching, without complete
in 1805 ; since then there have been numerous epidemics, which
the overlying skin is usually normal. Acute rheumatism is simulated, the
This author claims cures in 80 per cent, of cases of mental
cent.); thirteen of hypostatic pneumonia (1.3 per cent.); two of des-
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The effect of 2 cc. of pituitary extract solution on the
be given large enemata of boiled water containing ^e g. of sugar to the
product of degeneration formed in the leucocytes and not taken up from
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but slight remissions, like that seen in typhoid during the
children at about the age of puberty leads me to doubt that they are
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calories, and we know that an excess of carbohydrates enables a body
in specific resistance, this will hold out the best hope of
The relations of the two processes appear to be very different from
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This book is virtually the second edition of "Tlie Stomach and
careful microscopical examination, which demonstrated the correctness of
list. This powerful urinary antiseptic, diuretic, and uric acid solvent is
there was a slight fatty degeneration of many of the muscular fibres,