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position of the muscle, which is pale and flabby. The mitral valve
cent., and deduces that antitoxin is not so frequently used as it should be.
months he was cured, and has remained so until the present. The disease
the trainees (54%) reported increasing their exercise
to the origin of the twelfth dorsal root; and all the facts are fairly well
tenacious, blood-streaked sputum, in which pneumococci were found,
Revision). Washington D.C.: U. S. Government Printing
great danger, of suicide ; it is then that help is most needed.
which consisted of segmenting threads. After careful examin-
with the above. Warthin, because of the wide-spread necrosis, the
fracture-dislocation of the spine, and brief notes of three
* Aretasus de; caufa morborum diut. lib. IL cap. 12. p. 212.
two or three times daily, the needle puncture being immedi-
(2) Those in which there were symptoms not directly connected
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from occupied territory. As time went on and the the-
Walthard contributes a paper upon this subect. He finds that in Switzer-
schwnrs. Mitteiluugen aus de Grenzgeb. des Med. ii. Chimrgin, 1S97, Bd. ii. p. 188.
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sound, because the inflexibility of the sternum and the softness of the
showed the papillse of the skin transformed into scar-like masses, the
The nervous element and the vasomotor disturbance are certainly
prove unsuccessful, the application of tincture of iodine should be tried
In view of the prevalence of cerebrospinal meningitis at the