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water. The spleen presented a smooth surface ; its pulp was soft and

The haemateraesis owes its origin to one of the follow-

opened into the central part of the appendix. Removal of the appen-

even the retraction and rigidity of the neck muscles may be variable,

ammonium bromide or belladonna, the latter to soothe the

persisting and increasing at intervals often most marked before

a few days there was slight improvement in the paralysis of the tongue.

is pretty certain that the cartilage is not seriously displaced.

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scopical examination of the membrane expelled showed the large decidual

stomach had a capacity of twenty-five ounces of water, and its contents

and capillary walls (see Fig. 6). Ehrlich's stain reveals nucleated red

No. 21. — Indigesion, September 9th to 11th; malaria, September

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