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2the dominating faculty. Cerebration in all these cases, therefore,
3characteristic of intramedullary growths or syringomyelia, but which is
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10after temporary subsidence means a sudden increase in the affected
11Favalli. {Qazetia medica di Milano, 1846, v. 213.) Man, aged fifty years.
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13the duration of the attack, is of considerable assistance in the diagnosis
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15vaccine treatment, for I am convinced that a delay of 24
17moreover, echolalia and coprolalia never occur. The same author believes
18giving large doses of salad oil — by the cupful, per os and per anum. It is not
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20abdominal wound, packed with gauze, and the cord cut off close to the
21above the brow, but the flap was drawn into the pocket by sutures
22sisted. On February 1st the temperature became normal ; the rash
24of palmar keratosis due to arsenic have been reported by trustworthy
25dermic injection of morphine, and the temperature rose to 100° F., where
26graphically, and I am far from convinced that it is a cause of ileal stasis."
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31the blood of a woman suffering from sustivo-autumnal malaria.