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angina, only 47, or 37 per cent., reacted. Patients with gonorrhoea reacted

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the screen is to be stopped. The patient should be moved as

This branch of surgery is in its infancy, yet has the power to relieve suffering.

than a small portion of the chest. I have seen early tubercle

conditions, I believe the appropriate name for this form of the disease

Many operations have been devised to secure continuity of the ureter

In 61 cases among the males a record is made of the part involved

is excellent. A few absurd mistakes have, however, been passed (page

physicians who examined him. An X-ray examination revealed a dark area

and second classes of operation. Some good surgeons still employ this,

9. Starinov AK. Behind Fascist Lines. New York: Ballantine

and on the sixth day amounted to 149 ounces. During this rapidly

in the acute. If pus is expressed into the urethra by the massage, the

pneumonia in which the first crisis occurred at the b^inning of the twelfth

another common feature, — especially in the form of intoler-

The Ckystallixe Lens System: Its Embryology, Anatomy, Physio-

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Respiration was frequent and superficial ; the urine scanty, infrequently

Syramers and Wilson found the meningococci in blood in

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irregularly oblong form, with dentations of the nuclear envelope. About

cated by any morbid condition of the patient, while electricity, exercise,

Stnior Ophthalmic Surgeon, King's College Hospital and Seamen't Hospital