7. Crossed anastomosis — i. e., switching the ureter into its fellow of
a. Traumatism to the levator palpebrre or to its motor nerve.
21. Herman. Vaginismus and Allied Aflections. Lancet, 1895, p. 1436.
altered circulatory conditions might bring relief to the persistent pain,
recommendatioD to employ diagnostic curettement in cases of suspected
the cerebrum, including one in the corpus callosum ; five in the cerebellum,
extending to eighteen months. In one there was marked improvement; in
mates, and hemorrhage occurs in 45 per cent, of all cases, and, accord-
factor of the beer, this was excluded in diet VIII. and a little more
with the disease in India. The open-air movement taught
for other movements besides those concerned in speech.
(hemoglobin glutamer-200 [bovine], HBOC-301; Oxyglobin, BioPure, Inc., Cambridge, MA) would improve
denunciation of this practice, he would have been justified, but
A posterior incision is now carried from some point on the anterior incision
name for a Somali arrow-poison. This glucoside was found to be more toxic
belonged, and we can testify to the fact that, although we picked our
existing liver tissue and undergo an alveolar transformation. It seems
McDonald goes on to say that he has not found any patho-
manent damage and with no risk of recurrence. On the
gical principles of treatment we would apply in another organ to prevent
pregnancy would seem to be promising opportunities for its use. Labora-
treatment has failed to produce results in a short time. The slight mortality
" catarrhal " inflammation set in motion by various causes. Whatever
As far as I am aware no such experiments were yet made by other
June, 1899) has made a careful critical study of the different forms of bou-
larly clear and good ; such are those of pneumonia and pleurisy in the