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nephritis with amyloid degeneration ; gangrenous phlegmon of the left tro-

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strong currents made the boy feel faint and decidedly affected his heart.

mouth. It is somewhat diflScult to understand why the child cried, as the

rhachitis it is a lumbo-dorsal cyphosia, which is readily recognized.

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adults alcohol is the most important predisposing cause, though in this, as in

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Ann. of Otol., XXXIII., 148. 15. Boston Med and Surg. Jnl., CLXXII., 25.

Dilatation of the colon may be produced by a variety of causes,

primary local lesion, they should be given the benefit of

Zenker, Loeb, and Cordua in essential confirmed Lubarsch's conclu-

heim). Still others state briefly that it is rarely found. *' A peculiar,