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taken up. A series of comparison tests and analyses showed hut a very slight
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examination of the intestine. After an abdominal section by Halsted,
could be determined. He said : " When a tubercular lesion of a vein
streptococcus in 24 hours, from v.hxh an autogenous vaccine was made.
previous inflammation, the impossibility of knowing how persistent the
the giant-cells was increased by inanition, suppuration, exhausting hemor-
In my specimens there is no distinction between cortex and medulla
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took place at that point. July 28th, an abscess appeared in the
such extremes of absolute success and absolute failure, whatever my
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she was aspirated nineteen times. In this six months many medicines
and crural lymph-nodes, psoitis, and a terminal meningitis.
praise to utter. The total urine of the twenty-four hours was always
in epidemics. The way in which contagion is conveyed from
* The complete paper will be found in the Transactioua of the American Gynecological
severe epistaxis, occurring about three and four times daily.
Weed deals specially with the secretion, and, in fuller