Similarly, on the receptive, as opposed to the executive,
make a positive diagnosis, although I believe the case is probably one
regular border may be traced well into the lumbar region on the right
appear temporarily on pressure. It was again noted that none was to be
eases with normally reacting pupils were also tested, and only in one
erance or intolerance of various drugs in early life. There was nothing
Crocker's Atlas is very expensive, very bulky, and in numerous parts.
ulcerated, forming a deep, fungating, foul ulcer, which discharged very
ical examination of clandestine hospitals. Military
complications which may develop if the disease progress to any
1. One of the two cases reported by Williams and Kenneth Cameron
symptoms of overworked and failing cardiac contraction.
with other tables, but all these cases have been done within the last
army, I cannot too strongly urge that all clothes and belong-
somewhat upon idiosyncrasy, as some patients vomit persistently after
She had prolapse of the uterus at the age of fourteen, which con-
rapidly up to i in 10,000 or i in 5,000, when irritation is
existence of endogenous fibres within the root-entrance zones. The
three and a half years ago he noticed a swelling in the left hypochon-
but not taken much notice of at the time^we were all very wise after
to provide the necessary proteid, and they were both eaten, with large
vum vifcidum^ quod leni calore potuit infpijfari ^', " when
of this sort at Purdysburn, hydrocepiialus was found marked
might have been attended with more suceess, but they were not tried.
hour, preceded by a horror^ tremor^ and chilly I have
made a median incision, through which the greatly enlarged sigmoid
the complication plainly took place in an old ulcer. As a rule, when
thirty-five puerperal women but one had a pulse above 75. Twenty had
viz., a hard solitary tumour in the breast, adherent to the
irajfamenlum of the blood, when floating in tht ferum^
« Ostenpey. Die Blutanterencbangrcn und deren Bedeotungbei Magenkrank., Berlin, 1892.
swimming, and he began to expectorate blood. The next day, and during
quantity of urine passed within the same period before and after the
more immediately, to the muscles of articulation, as well as to
to the text, and our author, as he himself says, has found it difficult to