The pulse is of value in connection with the temperature as an index

wash of a saturated solution of hyposulphite of soda.

4 Cuyllu. Preise M6dloale Beige Bruxelles, 1897, zlix. 121-124.

Hospital, there were 12 cases with syphilitic disease of the


ten cases of instantaneous death due to traumatism.

the silhouette would be the same, — one dare hardly guess

were saved as a direct result of our training efforts.

the transverse incision of Fritsch, but distinctly adheres to the longitudinal

the gas passed slowly through a large volume of purifying

A closer study and knowledge of the causes of the epilepsy will make

recall some features in the anatomy of the middle-ear, for

tion after death, the walls can be seen to share the same change,

than with Cohn. In pathological cases the reflex was absent ; in hys-

carcinoma and similar processes, with bacterial infection. Group 2 includes

is associated with ascites and hydrothorax. Petechial hemorrhages on

still held, and were closed in a mass of connective tissue.

Si ponamus^ magnam fummi corporis partem Jimul excipi

been destroyed. Where these conditions exist the operation is very success-

diazo-reaction. On the other hand, in acute infections, such as influenza and

micro-organisms. In 1894, Sciolla obtained negative results from

rallied, and then operation is to be performed at once. He believes the only

hemoglobinuria, a disease most probably of infective origin,

eter ; they consisted of a colorable ectoplasm and an indifferent ento-

sometimes act by directing the incoming current of air on to

eased lymph-glands and surrounding tissue are removed. Sound tissues and

have for a time been favourably influenced. Here, however, a

takes the stain poorly. In some eases they are distinctly and extremely

equal, the quicker it dies ; the more virulent it is, the longer it resists. Alterna-

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