1Portions of the Temporal Bone. — E. Lombard (Ann. iles mal. de V Oreille,
2Table showing mortality and condition of 114 patients of gastric
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12The author considers the complications of antitoxin treatment very painful
13Resection of Diseased Ovaries. — Gersung {Ibid.) advises that in cases of
14and position a diagnosis of dermoid cyst was made, and careful examination
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18full insertion of a gag revealed a swollen and inflamed pharynx, an incision
21The tube is run with the anticathode white-hot if required,
24ence, this preparation will certainly supersede all other forms of vaccine
25attacks occurred, following trifling annoyances. The temperature grew
274. In uretero-vaginal fistula repair through the vagina should be first
30Printed for Robert Horsfiei-d. at No, 22, In Ludgate^Strectj
31reaction. Two patients with intestinal tuberculosis, and five with uro-genital
32intermitting release of nerve force from the motor cortical cells, the
33CoHN, with preface by Prof. Dr. E Mende(.. Berlin, 1899.
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36Concerning Ross' germinal threads, Daniels says that " They are
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