that we have studied show us that often when typhoid fever has become
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any influence either way upon the production of complications.
former observers found that the average cord breaks under a strain of
of that joint, but I think it is hardly realized that the muscular
Stiffness of the neck and Kernig's sign, as Robb states (B.M.A.
theory, and holds that there is no etiological relation between the two
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Field Surgeon at Gettysburg: A Memorial Account of the
of Spies, Saboteurs, and Covert Warriors in North Vietnam
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deposit was stirred up, and the resulting fluid again centri-
Hunter H. McGuire & George L. Christian 0964149109
ture of abscesses, acute intestinal obstruction, congenital malformations
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The results of experimental work published during the past year
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or of vertebral disease, made it reasonable to hope that we had to deal
we have included all the protracted malarias among our list of the
Silberschmidt calls attention to the fact that the smoking to which the
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gastric phenomena, in which excessive fermentation and gas
the resophagus, with complete recovery. Reports of similar cases have
idency training with the family practice department of David Grant Medical Center,
mediately done. The trephine should be placed at the point where the
and transverse colon ; hypertrophy of walls ; ulceration of mucous membrane.
spherical bacteria were found on the peritoneal surface close to the
was supported by the fact that the birds which became infected soon