quantity of water through the remaining healthy ones, and the total of
I'oikilocytosis has not been recorded. The corpuscles are pale. Nucle-
a gradual process, a slow creeping up of the blood-pressure, in
its upper surface and largely overlapping the fluorescent screen,
sponging. During the night it continued to rise, until by 9.30 a.m.
paper, is that it is possible by means of X-rays to determine
effiCt is generally excellent. He has never failed to give every day, as
mended, and a waist so constructed that when skirts are buttoned to it the
that in any case there was an actual absence of a branch from that
a method of getting results without thought of final conse-
this case it was decidedly tender, and there were recurring
which incapacitated him from work, and that he, therefore, suffered from
of his patients, McV., was under my care at Purdysburn,
Fingers, 484 ; Organotherapy Products, 484 ; Mersalv, 484 ; Adaptable
large, soft, and shapeless. Only toward the base of the skull could any resist-
elongated, but it is increased in calibre also, and on examina-
be more easily acted upon ; the respiration of the cell comprising oxida-
expressed himself as quite comfortable, except for a slight cough.
The rash, however, may involve all parts of the body. There is usually no
aged two years. The child had always been perfectly healthy except for the
curvature of the spine involving the lower cervical and upper dorsal
Cancer of the serous membranes was likewise a possibility that gave
pathological process. In puerperal fever, with or without suppuration, it
Medical Registrar to the London Temperance Hospital, etc.
appear, and that it will run a mild course. If, on the other hand, the reaction
1 believe, that the liver and spleen are attacked simultaneously
appearance of the senile cord as described by Nonne. There Is not the extreme sclerosis of
au peuple fur fa fante, chap. 11.^ H Epidemic. Liber V.
thence to the corresponding motor centre. It will also be noted in the
Dermoid and Teratoid Tumors of the Ovary. — Kroemer (Ibid.), after a
rnous author has mentioned, in treating of the origin
ushered in with oedema, followed by a somewhat regularly progressive
of the Smithsonian Institution, Wa.shington, D. C, 1895. Royal octavo,
ture. An equivalent quantity of spinal fluid should be with-
these eruptions are produced, and, while several views suggest them-