1l)order. Re-enter the same needle at the point of exit, carry it up
3the local infected tissues are paralysed and killed, and are
4diseased area and kept in contact with it by a gauze tampon, which is left in
5other toxaemias, and is led by these to refuse to attach
7organic paraplegia, in one case of spinal hemiplegia, and in one case of
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11prevalence of tuberculosis in India, to the causes underlying
14usually felt to be more forcible and slower ; just before death the rate is
15effective method seems to be warm douches with i in i,ooo
167. In chlorosis there is a convincing example of a transitory hypertrophy.
17average in intelligence, his judgement in things unconnected
18ized areas of the brain, and, in support of his view that
20Surgery, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Ft. Gordon,
21experience, as he fays, *' that it was better after
22or sudden and severe " bronchitis " during an epidemic to be
23without coffee and beer (I.). This excess was probably due entirely to
25Carbolic acid was recommended by Rovsing, who employs
26Germany by American Secret Agents during World War II.
27ureters or pelves, which are so common in congenital cases. Cystic dis-
29known as the diuretic wine of the H6tel Dieu, or Trousseau's wine.
30The surfaces of the serous membranes are not as pervious to organisms
31itisfactory which does not account for this complication. The brain,
33whole, the sensibility of the left leg was distinctly better than that of the
345. When there has been a histoiy of transient attacks
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36disadvantages of the procedure. In two cases of recurrence
37Figure 3 will now be understood easilj'. The foreign
39has done much to build up the reputation of the bone-setter
42strongly urges the advisability of pre-operative radiation of
43nondiseased bone at any lower limb site, and a stress
44but the recovery rather slow, the patient leaving the hospital in about two
45elements and bloodvessels do not have the same opportunity to accom-