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cavity, dulness over the manubrium, and enlarged lymphatic glands in
a projection outwards from its inner wall, and of an indrawing
of cleansing the intestine and bringing the drug into more direct contact with
and retained it there with a suture. Mackinlay" suggested the unim-
They present a condition of real fibrous hyperplasia (see Fig. 4). The
drug was administered, and remained low for about an hour.
although showing great lack of expulsive power always ; and still others
toga and the famous White Sulphur Springs have seen the day of their
The section on Typhoid Fever hardly represents our present knowl-
later) aspiration was again necessary, and the fluid was found dark and
drawal was reached, the lower end of the tubing was transferred (the
nuria during pregnancy, and has studied the effects of these conditions upon
and, as a familiar instance of their utilit}', the fact that they
by crisis, is explained by the action of the drug causing a slow death of the
day the temperature, without any apparent cause, went up from 101°
sively demonstrated. Obviously, we need first of all physiological data,
tion a depressed fracture of the left side of the forehead was found, and
without any of the evidences of fatigue so commonly observed after
was dissected out and the two ends of the trachea sutured together. The
or proceeded m detail to discuss the diffeiential diagnosis of
taken sick at the same time and with the same symptoms, though less
in wedge-shaped sections, having the base on the periphery, with the lines
rather a frequent sufferer with gastro-intestinal attacks, which were
exposed a fortnight before the onset, and then, later, for four
brain. The fact that in paralysis agitans there is rigidity, but no great
traction by the usual method, when a large electrode was placed upon
Barry, D. T. : Heart perfusion with alcohol (illustrated) - - - 784
commenced as erythematous or papular patches on the extensor surfaces
by American observers I desire to add one recently observed in private
sumption as it exists to-day, I am in favour of the dispensary
reached in 38 minutes, and was 1 1 ' 75 mm. Hg. lower than
hydrochloric acid. (The number of cases reported is small, however, tho
W. B. Cheadle's House Physician at St. Mary's Hospital in