The patient had had a penile chancre 30 years previously which was
space, known as the tympanum, is very narrow because of
In any case of undoubted phthisis, with pyrexia, cough,
time graduation) and those graduated after 263 days
sharp rises, or there may be a regular quotidian intermittent
5. Burning the candle at both ends. This consists of over-
of success in other cases which resist the art of the physician.
respiratory passages for long periods, as in diphtheria.
scopic examination had shown there were no proteosoma. He was
called upon to review this book. We cannot truthfully say that it
points out the fact that ureteral obstruction may be due to any of the follow-
resource for cancer, chronic disease, and other epidemiolog-
able addition to the resources of the student of systematic anatomy,
xnained undifturbed in the tunica cellulofa^ the omen-
Carderelli, 1888. Rev. Clin, e Terep., 1888, v. p. 17'i Cervical Myelitis, Dana.
subside early. Some are never observed. The symptoms seen at that
displaced to the margin of the cell bodies, others producing varicosities
recovery took place, and she was discharged from the hospital on March
have subsided, and is usually accompanied by headache ;
stages of the disease the discomfort inseparable from the use of the hypo-
spleen would be of inestimable value in the solution of the problem.
tion, red, firm, and uniform. Wedge-shaped areas under capsule, which
surfaces of the pancreas and the duodenum ; it then passes upward
eyelids against resbtance, occurred in forty-two of his series of cases ;
responsible as causative factors, the catarrh is aggravated by
diastolic thud, or shock, asa diagnostic point of great value in the recognition
tured into the pericardium and 58 into the pulnionary artery ; 23 rup-
believed, to spare one ovary, and, if possible, a portion of the uterine
retroperitoneal, mesenteric, and axillary glands are practically alike in
Ordinarily there was an accompanying catarrh of the mucosa of the nares,
and lead to stitch abscesses after the gauze packing has been removed and
Eighty per cent, of the patients were considered cured or relieved at
bladder and abdominal symptoms. In the first part of July she felt com-
riie following history was obtained : Family History. Mother died of
the gameti forms for the aestivo-autumnal parasites, develop in the bone-