2give bromides at times, but their constant use cannot be recommended.
3Opi)enheim and Hirsch both describe temporary Aighi increase of
4physiological effect produced on the miner in this case.
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11peritoneum. Such is the conclusion to which I, at least, have been
12posing the nuclei of the auditory and glossopharyngeal nerves were
13tendons was first made by Dransart or Pagenstecher. Dransart,** in
14the situation was not known. The statistics of Welch* are of interest
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16tory of a venereal sore or other syphilitic manifestations.
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19Babanski.* It consisted in the discovery that in certain conditions
21should be to quiet the preliminary excitation, if present, to sustain the heart
22also sometimes found, and also the changes in the cells of the anterior horns.
23abdominal region is continuous with that of a uniform dulness in the
25not only bring down the temperature and relieve the headache, but lessen
26a pain in the inguinal region. This was followed a few days later by a hernia.
27tions of Orthmann" in Martin's cases added still further to our knowl-
293. Physical. Abdominal massage. Exercises to develop the abdominal
31how pelvic deformities may be recognized, and he also cites a case of
32run out again, after which a pint of Thiersch's fluid was run in and the
33are certain large pigmented parasites which are incapable of multiply-
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