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by a peculiar disease known among the people as "ictericia," i. e., jaundice,

symptoms will be less marked ; there will, however, be as much shock

about fifteen or twenty c.c. of pus. The cavity was evidently of recent

chiefly by the surgeon, namely, post-operative septicaemia or

presence of streptothrix. " The organ showed general fibrosis,

was a very troublesome symptom to treat ; lumbar puncture

tion, red, firm, and uniform. Wedge-shaped areas under capsule, which

elements and bloodvessels do not have the same opportunity to accom-

—Die TherapU der Gegentcart, 1899, 2te Heft, S. 63.

It may be urged that many of these people should not have

region of the gall-bladder ; there was also pain in the abdomen, espe-

level of the upper margin of the thyroid cartilage {International Clinics, vol.

solution. Irritability and contractility are completely lost, but

these and so exact that the book is really extremely valuable for its bib-

It seemed, therefore, that nothing was to be gained by further expec-

The sex was stated in 22 cases ; in the remaining 4 of the 26 no state-

less degree. They are all surrounded by dilated pericellular spaces, and

of tuberculous meningitis with no autopsy, one of solitary tubercle of

afraid we who are comparatively recently taught are rather

* Selected Monographs on Derniatnlogy, New Sydenham Society.

duced. When, however, the case has persisted for some time, and the cervix

under mv own obsen-atinn and recorded by others, the effusion had no

shown to be free from infection. Thus twelve out of twenty-two birds

febrile type presented by my case has seemed to me sufficient warrant

are, however, one or two things which we believe to be errors of judg-

It is a question which admits of some doubt whether the suggestion

— an event which, as far as my experience goes, is extremely im-

death ; 23 ruptured externally ; 14 ruptured into the superior vena cAva ;

brought to a state of normal efficiency, the insecurity of the

Operative Surgery. The Head and Xeck : The Thorax and .Abdomen. By