rence began. He also considers the possibility of a wandering pneumonia.

When adhesions have formed previous to perforation we may have a

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Operative Surgery. The Head and Xeck : The Thorax and .Abdomen. By

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an intense redness of the tonsils, pillars, uvula, and pharyngeal walls. In

of areas of degeneration about the thickened bloodvessels, due to pro-

March 28, 1913. Had a bad dyspnceic attack during the

stages. The first stage includes an indefinite period, during which the

" Temperature," the only reference given is relapsing fever, surely in many

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rigidity of the neck and legs mentioned previously, as well

facilitated through the bowel, which is almost invariably the

In order to give the reader a practical acquaintance with methods

terminal opening impinging upon the visceral pieura might

Notes of last 57 were mainly on the Serum Treatment.

at times, but quite harmless. — The Lancet, 1899, p. 891.

in the late stages of the disease, often persisting far into convales-

the ages of twenty and thirty, and in men a decade later.