to endorse the commonplace verdict of the coroner's jury —
amount of resistance offered by the muscles to the faradie current.
that the vertebrae were not fractured, and that hemorrhage was not
fotentius evaferit^ vialentum cum fit majcrem calamita-
through the Milk — Cour.mont and Cade {L\ion Medical, September 3, 1899,
that no tumor was found at the autopsy, but there is no mention made
and infiltrating the papillae. In other places the corium appears dense
excluded, and a peripheral cause, often searched for, could not be discovered.
based upon the study of his own case. He found in a large number of
a very severe paroxism of tachycardia was experienced, symptomatically
get out of bed. The difficulty in standing and walking was much less.
In experimental investigation, J. B. Murphy" found that
Changes in the Ovaries Attending Starvation and Forced Feeding.—
the months following his first observation he was unable to find a second
food advertised as " a perfect substitute for mother's milk "
centa from its insertion, producing hemorrhage, death of the foetus, or
chondriac region is a splenic structure, the nature of the enlargement
spinal cord were not examined. The body was that of a medium-sized,
ducti\nty, such as constant auricular or ventricular premature
by unconsciousness. Subsequently he developea a bronchopneumonia,
tuberculin. The author is, perliajs, not sufficiently dogmatic on this point,
while Cohnheim's theory is not confirmed, it is not disproved.
that there is in scurvy no characteristic affection of the gums unless
periods of life, which correspond somewhat to those which are seen many
and seeing are entirely different. The great Hebra, the father of
the physician. It contains, however, a vast number of facts given in
of the lungs will be of value in determining the presence of tuberculous foci
sluggish, the skin being cyanotic, with bluish mottling in
review of this condition, with a list of eighty cases recorded as tubercu-
even in adults, to that degree termed cervical opisthotonos
Water for sale by druggists generally. Pamphlet sent on application.
complete operation is performed. The skin incision is continued
pain in the right side of the chest, referred to the region of the nipple
untreated. He had suffered from malaria and rheumatic fever in India.
have become distinctly atrophic, and are contained in very wide pen-
The brain which I have to show was removed from the body of a
degenerated nerve-fibres. The nutrient bloodvessels of these roots were
Notes of last 57 were mainly on the Serum Treatment.
tracheal column of air, in either consolidation or cavity formation, this
and occipital lobes was a slight increased vascularity, with a moderate