1morphine habit show in their first days an unusual depression and collapse.
2and soda, with a saline purge following, is the best and safest way t-
47. Smith, F. R. "A Case Presenting the Group of Symptoms Termed Astasia abasia."
5become diseased, at least in systemic form, and that to accept any
6Acts. It is a compilation of all the various forms and certificates required
7labor was not confined to operations performed for the removal of diseased
9of its position, and of the degree of flexion and engagement. When these
10were found in both ganglia, but especially in the lenticular nuclei.
11Part 111. is concerned with remedial measures, other than drugs, and foods
12observed resembled the normal rather than the artificial climacteric noted
13bleeding, and of 196 cases of this complication 195 were promptly controlled
14thigh muscles, and, in my experience, these are more marked
15tive conditions. For the estimation of the purin bodies, 1400 c.c. of
18An operation of this class is indicated in any case of ptosis in which
19cystomata, even dermoids, in cases in which a large tumor was present on the
20of speech, the less likely is the improvement to be material.
21In conclusion, it should certainly be added that the coupled heart action
22I exposed to the breath of the patients, no meningococci also
23jungle, defective sanitation and drainage, impure water supply,
24is now considered to be a contagious disease, capable of
25one already described, performed through a transverse incision in the
26and submitted it to microscopical examination. This fully established
27name, a modification that he had added in the hope of relieving par-
28another cupful of adenomatous material, but the watery discharge con-
33this average. A second series of eighteen patients was examined who had
34tions.— Mi ra beau {Ct'nlralblalt fur GynlikologU, 1899, No. 11) calls attention
35about four times the quantity (by weight) of sterilized water. The
37Fliigge estimates that the carriers are 10-20 times more
38of streptococcal organisms. There is always leucopaenia, vary-
39situated far back in the nasal cavity. The septum itself is
40collateral circulation has not been established, the dogs perish if either one