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19. Elisha. Krauroois Vulvae und Juckreiz. Zeitsch. fur Geb. und Geb., Bd. xxxiv. p. 1460.
mention in most of our text-books, if we except the usual statement
from Pott's disease ; the paralysis is also peripheral in type — not central, as
the stage corresponding to delirium tremens. But in this
The author believes that retraction of the palmar aponeurosis is due
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1. The great value of the blood culture in decidiug the diagnosbi.
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rapid and irregular. It is u.seful for its diuretic action in respiratory diseases,
With reference to the colon bacillus and its relation to
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Controls were made by injecting embryonal cells which had been killed by
does not always yield good results outside the peritoneum. A large drainage
an attack of severe pain in the abdomen, for which no cause could be
* Philofoph. Tranf. abridg, Tom. Ill, p. 265. f Ephenie-
dyspnoea, and 1 from constant dyspnoea ; in other words, in only 16